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We have entered into a new joint venture designed to accommodate our clients who want first class legal services and customized, professionally prepared legal documents under the supervision of licensed attorneys, but have scheduling constraints that do not allow the client to conveniently make two trips to a brick and mortar law office.

Just as in the more traditional procedure, we prepare a Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directive, and HIPAA Release. ?(See, Estate Planning Documents.)

The concept is simple, and complemented by the ease of 21st century electronic communication, such as e-mail, scanning, etc. ?By no means is this a “short-cut” or discounted service. ?This is a full-service option for especially busy people.

Step 1: ?Telephone Consultation. ?We set up an appointment to discuss your family’s specific needs and estate planning goals by way of telephone.

Step 2: ?Draft Documents. ?Based upon our discussion in the initial telephone, our staff will prepare draft documents for you to review. ?Then, we will e-mail them to you for your review and comment. ?This step usually takes place by telephone, and we make the changes as we speak. ?However, on occasion, we can exchange e-mails, or you can mark up the documents by hand, scan them, then e-mail to us, whereupon we will make those changes as directed.

Step 3: ?Document Signing. ?Obviously, the documents need to be signed properly. ?The importance of this step cannot be over emphasized. ?A mistake in this step could lead to costly and irreversible errors, essentially negating all our efforts up to this point. ?This particularly pertains to the Last Will and Testament that needs to be signed in the presence of two independent witnesses and one notary public.

This is the tricky part. ?We want to make certain that the documents are signed and notarized properly. ?Even the slightest error can be ?catastrophic. ?Thus, we work with a team of notaries that can come to your home or place of employment to supervise the signing of the four documents. ?As far as witnesses are concerned, our preference is that you arrange for the witnesses. ?If that is not practical, we can arrange for witnesses, however, (1) there is an additional fee based on a variety of factors, e.g., travel time, availability, time of day, etc.; (2) the more people we involve the more difficult it becomes to arrange an convenient time for all to schedule the signing.

Who Can Benefit From the No Frills Wills Concept?

This process is perfectly suited for 90% of our busy clients’ estate planning needs. ?For the 10% that require more complicated estate planning, such as special needs trusts, medicaid planning, revocable living trusts, etc., in-person appointments are recommended, but not mandatory.


This is a FULL SERVICE, professional, attorney-client, privilege protected, legal service, unlike any other internet provided service. ?When you call you will speak with either a licensed attorney or his or her personal law clerk. ? Every step of the process is either performed by or supervised by an experienced, licensed attorney. ?We do not charge you more for sending the notary to your home or office. ?The fees for the NO FRILLS WILLS™ program are identical to the service provided for with our brick and mortar legal services. ?The only time there is an charge extra is when we have to provide the two independent witnesses required by NJ law, and we only charge for the witnesses because we have to pay them for their services. ?We also have to pay extra for the Notary Public, but we absorb that additional cost.

The only difference between this service and our typical brick and mortar service is that it is more convenient for you. ?Instead of coming to the office for the first consultation, we do it by phone or video conference, and the signing is done in your home or office. ?Naturally, if you would prefer to come into the office for one or both steps, we will gladly accommodate you.


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