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Attorney Prepared Deeds

We prepare Quit Claim Deeds for divorce, probate, add or remove child, transfer to LLC, etc.

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WE PREPARE DEEDS.? The two most common types of deeds in New Jersey are the “Bargain and Sale” deed, and the “Quit Claim” deed (often mispronounced as a “quick-claim” deed”).

A?Bargain and Sale Deed? is the deed used in a typical, arms length real estate sale because the seller makes certain representations to the buyers, such as there being no other persons with a legal interest in the property, and there being no liens or mortgages on the property, except those that are being paid-off from the proceeds of the sale.

A Quit Claim Deed?is used in divorce situations, or to add or remove a child or spouse to the deed to your property, or in probate situations, or to transfer ownership of the property to a limited liability company or corporation. ?It is sometimes referred to as a “dollar deed” because the amount paid for the transfer is usually stated as being one dollar ($1.00). ?Do not use a Quit Claim Deed when buying or selling real estate at its fair market value. ?Also, we strongly recommend getting title insurance even though the transaction may be between family members.

Each state has its own specific requirements for preparing and recording a deed. ?New Jersey is no exception. ?For more information on New Jersey’s rules, just click Requirements for NJ Deeds.

If you want to add someone to the deed to your property, your child, for example, ?you should be aware that there are risks involved. ?For more information, please read?Caution About Adding ?Your Child to the Deed.

Our?cost to prepare a typical deed is $485.00. ?The typical cost to record a deed is?$105.00 depending on the number of pages. ?You can pay on-line.


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