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We?make Probate easy for you, especially if you live out-of-state!

Probate Services in New Jersey

We are unique because we have thirty years of experience and a wealth of knowledge handling probate matters for out-of-state and local families. ?We can do as much or as little as you want. ?If you live in another state, it is not going to be convenient to be the executor or administrator of the estate. ?But, we can help! Sometimes, our clients only come to NJ for the funeral services, and let us handle the rest.

We will get you appointed as the executor or administrator of the estate, front the filing fees, secure the property, inventory and protect valuables, hire the right people to clean out the house, sell what has value, donate what can be donated, discard what is trash, have the real estate and jewelry appraised, list the house for sale with a competent and experienced realtor, sell the car, contact the beneficiaries, and basically take the pressures and the burden of being the executor off of you. ?Our fees would be paid directly by the Estate, and would not affect the statutory commission the law entitles an executor to collect. ?(See link to Executor Commissions.)

If you want to do more of it yourself, we can do less. ?That will be up to you. ?If you want to do it all yourself, that’s okay, too, and we don’t mind sharing in this website what we have learned over the years, because we know from experience that it is very unlikely you can do it all on your own, and will come to us when you need help. ?We also know from experience, that if you are an executor of an estate, you should definitley seek the advice and counsel of an experienced probate attorney for three very good reasons: (1) Our fees get paid out of the assets of the estate, so in effect, you are only paying a relatively small portion of the legal fees, (2) If you make a mistake, the beneficiaries are not going to remember that you were trying to save them money, and (3) You get your full executor’s commission whether you get professional help from us or not, so why not get the professional help you need, and thereby both reduce your stress, risk, and most of all, your workload?

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Turn to a Knowledgeable Probate and Estate Administration Lawyer

The legal processes and administrative requirements associated with probate and settling the affairs of a deceased family member can be intimidating. At a time when you are grieving and may need to focus on the emotional needs of other loved ones, our accomplished New Jersey law firm can be an invaluable resource.

Experienced probate lawyer Gary F. Woodend offers caring, skilled representation to those left behind when a loved one dies. He will carefully address all aspects of your situation, explain what needs to be done in language you can understand and help you through every step, whether the case involves:

  • Intestate succession in NJ, including procedures necessary to appoint an administrator of the estate because the decedent passed on without leaving a valid Last Will and Testament
  • Probate of a Will in NJ,?in the appropriate county surrogate’s court in order to ensure proper distribution of assets, settlement of debts and tax obligations, and the meeting of other legal requirements
  • Complex estate administration of an estate that may include trusts, create the need for the transfer of real estate, or raise complex ownership concerns between heirs and beneficiaries
For a list of counties in New Jersey?that we serve, please check on this LINK.

Guidance and Legal Representation for Surviving Family Members

Applying extensive knowledge of applicable New Jersey inheritance tax and estate tax laws in New Jersey involving real estate, taxation, executor compensation and other issues, We will prioritize the efficient handling of your case. We recognize that your goals likely include achieving a prompt resolution while keeping costs under control.

We have helped hundreds if not thousands of people deal with probate in New Jersey, including many complex, multimillion-dollar probate and estate matters as well as all more modest estates. For an appointment to discuss your needs with an attorney, just tap?609-654-5489?on your cell phone,?or?contact us via email.

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