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Cyber Accounts and Privacy Issues

Have you ever considered just how much valuable information you have stored on your computer or smart-phone? ?Have you ever considered how difficult it would be for your family to gain access to those accounts in the event of your passing?

In the old days, your family and/or your executor would simply get your address book, or go to the filing cabinet and find pretty much everything they would need to piece things together in order to settle the affairs of your estate.? Now now!

Most all of our personal information is stored electronically somewhere, and password protected.? Even family photos!? This is a huge problem and major obstacle in the full and complete administration of your estate.? So, what can be done about it?

Our solution is to include a provision in your Last Will and Testament, allowing your executor access to your accounts. ?For example, Google, Yahoo, Verizon, Comcast, AOL, ATT, Hotmail, MSN, E-Bay, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, iCloud, etc.? This is accomplished by adding a special provision in your Will specifically authorizing these companies to provide your executor with passwords, personal identification numbers, and other protected information, to allow liberal access to my aforementioned accounts.

But what about PRIVACY issues?? You do not necessarily want your executor sharing everything in your cyber world with the rest of your friends and family.? There is no perfect solution to this dilemma, but we attempt to limit this exposure by including a caveat that no person other than your duly appointed Executor shall have any right to this information, nor can anyone compel your executor to share or disclose any information obtained, unless a court order to the contrary has been issued.

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