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Is There Such Thing As A Simple Will?

We constantly hear the words, All I need is a simple Will. That’s it.”

I understand that, and we will do that for you if that is what your personal situation warrants.  But, the whole truth is that you are really in no position to decide that on your own. In other words, without a law degree AND many years of experience drafting Wills, estate and inheritance tax laws; and just as much experience trying to sort out the tangled mess that many non-clients have left behind by trying to save a few bucks on the drafting of their Will, you really do not know what you “need.” Furthermore, I would be committing malpractice if I prepared the most basic, simplest Will for you based on your say-so, without us thoroughly discussing your personal, family and financial situation, wishes and desires ahead of time. Don’t you agree?

So, to answer the question, “Is there such a thing as a simple Will?”  I have to say yes, BUT, some Wills are simpler than others.

The complicated part is not writing or drafting the Will, but rather meeting with you ahead of time to go over your personal, family and financial affairs in great detail to make sure your wants and desires are clearly set forth in the appropriate form, and thereafter understood and honored by your survivors. Isn’t that what you really want? Isn’t that what you are paying for? The document itself, meaning the Last Will and Testament that we prepare for you, will be comprehensive, complete, and a sound road map for your family to follow after you are gone. Will it be a “simple” Will? It might be. It will definitely be as simple as we can make it, and still cover all of the bases.

Experience shows that trying to be too simple up front quite often leads to complications down the road, meaning after you are gone. Our primary objective is to avoid these future complications by drafting the proper documents upfront, with a secondary goal of making them short, concise and easy to understand, in other words, simple. This is not a selfish exercise on our part, because as well as we are paid to draft your Will and related documents, we make far more money sorting out things after your passing because of everyone’s innate desire to make it “simple” in the first place.