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We hope you find this information helpful, but we are no longer handling bankruptcy cases.  Some of the information regarding exemptions, etc. is not up-to-date.  Thank you and best of luck.

Bankruptcy – Get a Fresh Start

Bankruptcy gives honest people like you a chance to start over again!

Facing a financial crisis is never easy. It is important to know that you have options for regaining control of your finances. At the Medford, New Jersey, office of Gary F. Woodend & Associates, attorney Gary Woodend personally handles all of our clients’ bankruptcy needs. He will meet with you and go over your financial situation in great detail. We will discuss the alternatives available to you, including the various forms of bankruptcy. In the end, he will make a recommendation.

Types of Bankruptcy

Some of the common types of bankruptcy are:

  • Chapter 7 : A form of personal or consumer bankruptcy that is also known as a “fresh start” as it allows qualifying individuals to have most of their unsecured debt discharged
  • Chapter 13 : Another form of personal or consumer bankruptcy, a Chapter 13 is a repayment plan that allows you to have your debt reorganized in order for you to pay off what you owe in amounts that you can afford.
  • Chapter 11 : If you own a business, and the business is facing bankruptcy, a Chapter 11 is the proper type of bankruptcy to file as it will allow you to continue to operate your business while paying off your debts. This is a very expensive process and not recommended for small business.

Bankruptcy Alternatives

Mr. Woodend has been an active bankruptcy lawyer for approximately 25 years. In this time, he has discovered that hardworking people hardly ever want to file for bankruptcy. That is usually the last thing that they want to do, however, they have no one to turn to for independent advice.

  • If they go to see a bankruptcy attorney, they will most likely end up filing for bankruptcy. If they go to see a mortgage lender, they will most likely end up refinancing their house.
  • If they go to see a credit counselor, they will most likely end up in some sort of a repayment program. That is only natural. This is not necessarily a conflict of interest, but the client should be made aware of alternatives besides bankruptcy before making the big decision to actually file.

Disclaimer: Although I am an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of New Jersey, the information on this website is for general information purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice. Every situation is different and there are many exceptions for every legal principal or rule. You must consult with an attorney licensed to practice law in your jurisdiction for help and advice. If you reside in the State of New Jersey, I can provide you with legal advice, however, it needs to be done in person, by telephone, or video conferencing.