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The entire, unedited version of the book appears below:all 32 chapters, and it’s 100% free!  And, there is a money-back guarantee!

Summary:  The book is based on the concepts he learned from scores of well known books, many of which you may have read or be familiar with, directed to adults on how to succeed in the business world.  “I often thought while reading these books how I would have been so far ahead of the curve had I known these concepts while I was still in school!  These concepts  (negotiating, goal setting, body language, memorization techniques, decision making, etc.) are restated in terms and situations that young adults can relate to, (e.g., dating, doing well in school, dealing with parents and peers, finding a job, etc.)”  The book is mildly humorous, the chapters are very short and to the point, with plenty of silly illustrations.



  1. Preface
  2. Getting Your Way
  3. Negotiating 101
  4. The Next Chapter
  5. What Are You Selling?
  6. The Prom Date
  7. Two More Weapons
  8. Prom For Sale
  9. Improving Your Memory
  10. Remembering Numbers
  11. Winning With Names
  12. Remembering Names
  13. You Remembered My Name
  14. The Flip Side of Names
  15. Body Language
  16. What About Respect?
  17. Active Listening
  18. Goal Setting
  19. Getting There
  20. Your Plan
  21. Road Map
  22. Dream On
  23. Action
  24. The Cost of Success
  25. Tackling Problems
  26. A Simple Way of Handling Complicated Problems
  27. Employee of the Year
  28. No Experience Necessary
  29. Independence Day
  30. The Curse of the Credit Card
  31. First and Lasting Impressions
  32. Greater Impressions
  33. Habits
  34. No Regrets