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Rocket Fuel for Young Adults

a self-help book for young adults on how to succeed in life.

by attorney and author, Gary F. Woodend


Gary Woodend, attorney and published author, has written a self-help book for young adults. The book is called Rocket Fuel for Young Adults. The book is based on concepts he learned from scores of well known books, many of which you may have read or be familiar with, books written for adults, teaching how to succeed in the business world. “I often thought while reading these books,” Woodend says, “how I would have been so far ahead of my peers had I known these concepts while I was still in school! These concepts and “gimmicks” (negotiating, goal setting, body language, remembering names, decision making, etc.) are restated in terms and real life situations that young adults can relate to, (e.g., dating, doing well in school and sports, dealing with parents and peers, finding a job, etc.)” The book is mildly humorous, the chapters are very short and to the point, with over 50 of amusing, but to-the-point, illustrations.

The cost is $12.95 per copy, plus tax and a nominal fee for shipping. You can obtain a hard copy by e-mailing Gary Woodend at, or you can read the entire, 158 page, unedited electronic version of the book on-line for FREE by double clicking here.

Gary F Woodend

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