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If you will call or e-mail us, we will gather some basic information from you about you and your situation. ?Then, we should be able to give you a pretty good idea of what our fees will be. ?On very rare occasions, however, the scope is too broad and uncertain for us to predict how much time will be involved. ?In that case, we would need to charge on an hourly basis.

After that, we will either schedule an in-person appointment with you, or ask you to scan and email your documents to us so we can get started on it right away. ?If you cannot scan them, you can fax them. ?Or, you can drop them off or put them in the mail.

We don’t always ask for payment up-front, but do on occasion. ?It depends on the type of matter we are handling for you. ?However, we always require payment in full before we complete the work. ?Speaking of payment, we prefer to be paid by check for two reasons: (1) it is easier for us to keep track of who is paying us if we have a check in-hand, and (2) we have to charge a 3.35% bank charge for credit card payments.

So, let’s get started! ?We do not charge for the initial telephone call, so don’t be bashful about calling. ?If it is after normal office hours though, I would recommend that you send us an email instead.

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