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There is no such thing as a Simple Will

Whether you have millions in assets or only a modest amount of property and want only a “Simple Will”, having a Last Will and Testament in place that reflects your current wishes is extremely important. While the process of drafting your Will does not have to be complex and arduous, many people who rely on “do-it-yourself kits” to save a few dollars by using online forms may be penny wise and pound foolish. ?Legal advice is not cheap, but it is well worth it when you consider what you have at stake. ?(See Fee Schedule.)

Practical, Effective Estate Planning for People Across the Economic Spectrum

Gary F. Woodend, MBA, JD, has over thirty years of experience and is extremely capable of drafting a Simple Will?or Codicil if that is what you need. Almost everyone also needs a few other essential documents, such as a Power of Attorney, an Advance Health Care Directive, and a HIPAA Release ? any of which may become the most critical document if you suffer an incapacitating illness or injury. We will ask all the questions necessary to help you make sound decisions regarding:

  • How best to prepare your Will in order to ensure all your assets will be passed on in accordance with your wishes, while also minimizing the burden of any potential conflict should you pass away.
  • Allowing access to your cyber accounts without losing your privacy.
  • Whether you and your heirs your would benefit from the drafting of one or more trusts designed to accomplish goals such as avoiding unnecessary taxation and simplifying the probate process for family members you will leave behind
  • Optimal solutions given unique aspects of your life, such as business succession planning if you own a company or professional practice

A Knowledgeable Living Will Lawyer in South Jerey?? Personal Service and 30+ Years of Experience

In or near Medford, a lawyer for drafting your Will is one call away to our offices. Mr. Woodend has a strong educational background in business and finance (University of Virginia Graduate School of Business and Lehigh University) as well as wide-ranging life experience that enables him to relate to all kinds of people. We handle estate planning at all levels of complexity and also provide complete New Jersey probate and estate administration services. ?Most people want a simple Will, and we make it as simple and painless as anyone in the business.


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