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Lesson Zero — Preface

I must confess, I generally do not read the Preface either, and I would not blame you for doing the same now, however I will keep it very brief and get right to the point.

No matter how good or bad your life seems to be, if you read, understand and apply just some of the principles and techniques in this book to your everyday life, you will be far ahead of your peers. (“Peers” means friends, or at least people your same age, in the same school, town, city, etc.). Following the advice in this little book will be like rocket fuel for your academic endeavors, your social life and personal life, and ultimately, your professional career. I realize that this is a pretty bold statement to make, however, read on and you will see that it is true. These ideas are not my own, not hardly. They are the cornerstone to the success of every successful adult since the beginning of time, are still in use today, and will be forever. These principles are the subject of hundreds, perhaps thousands of books, too numerous to mention here. Fortunately for you, I have read almost all of them. The important ones I have read several times. Up until now, none have really been written for young adults. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t read and understand the principles in these books until I was a full grown adult, and then some. Fact is, all of the other books are written for adults, and not kids.

Recently, I was sort of complaining, to myself, of course, about how much easier, and more enjoyable, life would have been for me had I known about this stuff when I was your age. I would have had such an advantage in high school, in college, with friends, with sports, with teachers, in finding jobs, and of course, in getting dates.


You don’t have to read this book all at once.  In fact, I suggest that you don’t.  The chapters are short so you don’t have to keep counting how many pages are left.  I also added pictures for a three basic reasons.  First, I like pictures in books because it seems like I am reading faster and getting through more pages than I actually am.  Hopefully, you’ll agree. Second, the pictures may help you remember some of the concepts discussed.  And third, most books are boring, and pictures seem to break things up a little.  Of course, this book is not boring at all, not one bit!  Well, I included the pictures anyway, just in case.

This is the first book of its kind written for young adults.  I call it “our book,” rather than “my book,” because all I did was do the research and write it.  Not a particularly difficult or meaningful task.  The most important part of the book is how you use it.  If all you do is read it and don’t apply it to our life, we have both wasted a lot of time and money. Read it.  Put it to use.  Have fun with it.  Try it out on your family and friends.  This stuff really works.  You will be amazed!