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Lesson Seven — Prom For Sale

Judy has the tickets and a nice, new dress, but no date.Let’s eavesdrop a little to see how she is doing.

Hey, Buddy, what’s up?Have you given any thought to whether or not you are going to the prom?

Buddy:Not really.I don’t think I’m going.

Judy is qualifying Buddy.If he’s not interested in going, why should she expose herself to the potential rejection?She could have just said, “Hey Buddy, do you want to go to the prom with me?”But he might have said no.She would be hurt, and would never know why he didn’t want to go with her.Was it her or some other reason?So, she is not going to take any chances.

Why not?Don’t you want to go?

Buddy:Not really.

It’s hard to believe we are seniors already, Buddy.There’s only one senior prom in our whole lives.The last chance ever!Sure would be a shame to miss it completely.[Upset homeostasis.]I sure don’t want to miss it.

Buddy:I guess.

Judy needs to find out why he doesn’t want to go.Is it because he doesn’t have a date? Maybe he doesn’t like getting dressed up, or doesn’t like to dance, or doesn’t have the money, etc.So here we go?

Do you have something else planned for prom night?


So why don’t you want to go?

[Judy needs to find out what his objection is so she can try to overcome it.]

Buddy:I don’t know, I’m just not into the whole prom thing.

Judy:Do you mean the getting dressed up part, or the dancing part, or the having to get a date part??

Buddy:Yea, all of that.

Well, these are objections that are going to be almost impossible for Judy to overcome, so she might as well go for a trial close.

If you didn’t have to get all dressed up and you didn’t have to dance, and I asked you to go with me, and I paid for both of us, would you say yes?

Now, Buddy is on the spot and Judy had better keep quiet and let Buddy speak next, because if she speaks first, she’ll be letting him off the hook.

Buddy:I don’t know, Judy.

I’ll take care of everything.Do you want to take my car or yours? [Assumptive Close.]

Buddy:I’ll drive, but I’m not wearing any penguin costume.

You got a deal.

So, Judy sticks out her hand and they shake on it.Bravo, Judy!

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