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Lesson Three — The Next Chapter

I’ll bet you are surprised to see that there really is a chapter called “The Next Chapter.”  This is actually a lengthy footnote to the previous chapter.  I am following up on Luke’s dialog with his mother.  Let’s recap:

Luke:  If I came home a little earlier could I go?

Mom:  (silence)

Luke:  How about if I came home at 11:00?

[Mistake by Luke]

Luke made a classic mistake here.  One that you will never make, I hope.  When you ask a question, particularly when you are negotiating, just ask the question, and then shut up.  That is because in these kinds of discussions or negotiations, the one that speaks next generally loses.  In other words, if you break the silence, you lose.  Try it sometime.  Actually, try it all the time.  It is a lot of fun.  Especially with your parents.

Zipped mouth