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Lesson Six — Two More Weapons

There are a couple of other sales techniques that you should know about.Not because you are aspiring to be a professional salesman, but because they will help you in many aspects of your life.

The first technique is to “qualify” the prospect.In other words find out early on if this person is a good candidate or not.People that sell real estate use this all the time.Suppose a poorly groomed and poorly dressed person pulls up in a beat up, rusted out, old van and wants to be taken to look at million dollar houses?The real estate agent could spend weeks running this person all over the country looking at expensive houses, only to discover later that the client can’t afford any of them.

So, the agent should qualify the prospect.Find out right from the beginning what he wants.Find out what he needs.Find out what he can afford.Find out if he has a job.If he has a house to sell first.Find out if he is married and whether or not the wife is going to be involved in the purchase decision.It’s better to find out early on in the process than to waste a lot of time for nothing.

If he can’t afford a million dollar house, give him some brochures and send him on his way. Don’t run all over town looking at houses he can’t afford. While you are out wasting time, someone that really can afford an expensive home might come by, and you will miss out.

Farmer buying house jpg

Another technique is to upset the prospect’s homeostasis.Homeostasis is a fancy word for equilibrium, or balance, or comfort zone.If your target is fat, dumb and happy, you will have trouble getting him or her to commit to making a change.Alarm system sales people are great at upsetting your homeostasis.

“So, things are pretty calm here at the Peterson household?No problems?Don’t have an alarm system, huh?Feel pretty safe without one I guess.Did you know that someone broke into your neighbor’s house last night and chopped the whole family up into tiny pieces and ran them through the garbage disposal?The police can’t come up with any leads.The guy is still out there somewhere.”

Now, he’s got their attention.That is what we call upsetting their homeostasis.Now that their comfort zone has been tossed around a bit, maybe they will consider buying an alarm system for a couple hundred bucks.

Let us look at a fairly typical young adult situation where these two tools can be used.

Homeostasis jog