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Lesson Eighteen — Getting There

Once you have decided on your goals and written them down, you’re going to have to figure out how to achieve them.This is probably the most important link in the chain.

Many authorities on the subject suggest that you read your goals to yourself every day.Some suggest that you read them several times a day.And, some suggest that you even read them aloud.This not only forces you to remember what they are, but to remember to do something about it.Everyday.But, what should you do about it?Reading them everyday is not going to get you there.

In order to achieve any goal you set for yourself, you are going to have to develop a plan.  The more detailed the plan, the better.  If one of your goals is to become a surgeon, getting good grades and taking extra science classes had better be on that plan somewhere.  If your goal is to become a fashion designer, art classes and working in sales at a clothing store in the summer should really be in your plans.

Your plan should be as specific as possible.If your plan is not specific, it will probably not be much use to you.

By creating a plan and making it very specific, you are making it easier to achieve.  Break it down into tiny achievable segments and address each of them one at a time.  Most people would never dream of trying to build a house because it seems so difficult.  They are convinced that they could never do it.  They wouldn’t know where to begin.  But, if you ask them if they could put a shovel in the ground and lift out a hunk of dirt, they could do that.  If you ask them if they could mix up a bag of cement by adding a gallon of water, they could probably do that.  If you ask them if they could put one brick on top of another, they could do that, too.  If you asked them if they could pull the trigger on a power saw, they could probably do that.  Drive a nail?  Read a tape measure?  Sure.  That is how you build a house.  One step at a time, by breaking the house into tiny segments.  Each step is easily achievable, but when you look at the house as a whole, it seems impossible.  If your plan is specific enough and detailed enough, it can be done!

New house

In essence, your plan, when detailed, becomes another set of goals, intermediate goals.  Write down these intermediate goals as well.  In other words, not only do you have to write down your main goals, you have to write down the plan.  Then, for goodness sakes, do something about it!