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HIPAA – Health Insurance Privacy Act

The Health Insurance Portability and Accpountability Act was enacted by Congress in 2006.  The intentions were good, but there are many unintended, adverse consequences.  My personal nightmare involves a car accident two weeks after my son’s 18th birthday.  He was admitted to the hospital and we got a call from the hospital staff that he was admitted to the hospital, BUT they would not tell us what happened or what was wrong with him.  Why?  Because he was an adult and his health and medical information was private under HIPAA!  You can imagine how upset my wife and I were.  This could easily happen to you.

To solve this problem, I created a HIPAA Waiver Form which I now include in my basic Will package.  This allows you to designate family members and others that you specifically name to have access to your medical information.

For more information on the HIPAA regulations, visit the U.S. Health and Human Services website at