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Expenses that May Be Deducted in Estate Tax Filings in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of two states in the country that collects both inheritance and estate taxes at the state level. The New Jersey state estate tax laws are very similar to the federal estate tax statutes, and provide filers with the same deduction available on federal returns. Here are the expenses that may be used to minimize state estate tax liability in New Jersey:

  • Most expenses realted to a funeral or burial, including all costs of a funeral home, mortuary services, the costs of a headstone and any engraving, any meals or food/beverages provided at a funeral or memorial service, flowers, thank you notes and any fees or honorariums paid to an officiants, organ players, etc.
  • All legal fees tied to administration of the estate, including filing fees, notices, appraisals and title transfer fees
  • All accounting fees incurred to prepare the estate tax returns
  • Any commissions or fees paid to an executor or administrator
  • The cost of any bond required to be filed by an executor or administrator
  • Any outstanding obligations of the decedent as of the date of death, including credit card debt, unpaid medical bills and other debts
  • Unpaid income tax obligations
  • All costs associated with the sale of real property, including real estate commissions, title fees and closing costs

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