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Preparing & Recording a Deed in New Jersey

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What kind of deed do I need? ?What is a quitclaim deed? ?Knowing what type of deed you need, and the benefits and detriments of the different types of deeds, quit claim or warranty deed, can only be determined after talking to an experienced attorney. ?We are available by phone to help you determine what best fits your situation. ?Just tap 609-654-5489 on your cell phone.

The NJ?Quit-Claim deed?(mistakenly called a “quick-claim deed” or “Quick Claim” deed) makes no representations as to the quality of title, and is sometimes referred to as a “dollar deed” because it is used within families, or for matrimonial or divorce transactions, where the consideration is stated as being One Dollar ($1.00). ?DO NOT USE A QUIT CLAIM DEED when buying or selling real estate at its fair market value! ?Also, we strongly recommend getting title insurance even though the transaction may be between family members.

Each state has its own specific requirements for preparing and recording a deed. ?New Jersey is no exception. ?For more information on New Jersey’s rules, just click Requirements for NJ Deeds .?New Jersey Deeds and mortgages are recorded with the County Clerk in the county in which the property lies. Recording fees and realty transfer fees must be paid at the time of recording and are periodically?increased.

Our?cost to prepare a very basic Quit Claim deed is $535.00. ?More complicated deeds, e.g., for a trust or divorce, would be $650 or $750. ?Same day deeds often require payment of a small premium. The typical cost to record NJ deeds with the County Clerk is ?one hundred and three dollars ($105.00) depending on the number of pages. ?The seller also has to pay a realty transfer fee (really a tax) which is based on a sliding scale based on the selling price of the property. ?For example, the transfer fee on a $350,000 sale is approximately $2,105, $1,325 on a $250,000 sale, and $975 on a $200,000 sale. If you are 62 years of age or older and it is your primary residence, the fee on a $250,000 sale goes down to $400. If there is a mortgage on the property, the County Clerk may want you to pay the tax even if there is no money changing hands. ?These fees are consistent throughout the state, and not limited to Southern New Jersey real estate transactions.

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For NJ Deed preparation services, call?609-654-5489?. ?? For e-mail, tap CONTACT US.